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Songbird Essentials™

Songbird Essentials™ Suet Plugs

Songbird Essentials™ Suet Plugs

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Suet Plugs-Fruit Berry, Peanut Butter or Hot Pepper. Great when used in a suet log feeders. Attracts suet loving species like woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice and many others.  No fillers! Just natural ingredients like suet, peanuts, corn and berries. Provides more energy for birds per bite and can be fed year-round for wild birds. The Hot Pepper formula is great for deterring squirrels, raccoons and other mammals.

Each have 3 plugs that can be microwaved for 10 -12 seconds to make them easier to "mush" into the holes of a suet log feeders.

Not available for sale in the state of Idaho.

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