Our commitment to our customers is to sell only quality seed and mixes that are proven to be eaten by birds in scientific testing and are free of “junk” filler seeds that attract pest birds. I am driven by our customer’s desire to attract the greatest variety of birds to their backyards. Our custom blends are the result of my years of bird study experience and commitment to be honest with our consumers. Cheap bags of seed from big box stores may look economically smart but they truly are not. They are generally filled with filler grains such as Milo, wheat, oats and cracked corn. These grains are inexpensive to grow, but they are not desirable for most of the seed eating birds you want to attract. To attract Northern Cardinals, American Goldfinches and others, you should offer seeds like sunflower, sunflower and peanuts.

Another of our goals is to offer only quality seed. Not all bags of sunflower are created equal. It is rather obvious when you open a bag of seed and it is loaded with pieces of sticks, stems, rocks and empty hulls. What is not so obvious in poor quality seed bags are the number of empty seeds that there are in that bag. Our suppliers  Des Moines Feed and Wild Delight, are extra selective when purchasing seed from farmers and/or mills. They make sure each delivery is weighed carefully to ensure the proper “meat” weight is there. They will refuse whole shipments if they do not meet their standards. In certain cases, that may mean our prices may be a little higher than a competitor but we are willing to bet that our customers get a better bag of bird seed.

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