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Birds And Beans®

Birds And Beans® Shade Grown Coffee

Birds And Beans® Shade Grown Coffee

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Birds And Beans® Coffee is available in ground and whole bean and several different flavors. All come in 12oz bags and a few variety are available in 2lb bags as well.

Half of the people in the US have a cup of coffee every day but few understand the environmental impact of coffee.

Even fewer prioritize origin and know how coffee farming affects people, farms, forests, and birds all over the world.

In 2009 we started a coffee business focused on bird decline and the vital importance of the Smithsonian Bird Friendly® certification. Our goal was to bring a natural balance to coffee rituals.

Today Birds & Beans is an established Bird Friendly Coffee destination. Our success has come from our loyal, conscientious customers and our dedicated partners.

At Birds & Beans Coffee we believe humanity will flourish if we are simply more friendly; to each other and the natural world around us. We strongly support our certifications and give back 5% from every bag of coffee sold to our conservation partners.

100% Organic.100% Fair Trade. 100% Bird Friendly.

Every bean. Every bag.

We are your Bird Friendly Coffee company!

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