National Geographic Field Guide To The Birds Of North America 7th Edition

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This fully revised and updated edition of the best-selling North American bird field guide is the most up-to-date guide on the market. It has been Mark's favorite guide since he first saw a copy back in 1985. While all levels of birders can use this guide, he feels it is best suited for those who are getting to birding as a serious hobby..

The 7th edition includes 37 new species for a total of 1,023 species. Sixteen new pages allow for 250 fresh illustrations, 80 new maps, and 350 map revisions. With taxonomy updated to recent significant scientific rearrangement, the addition of standardized banding codes, and text completely vetted by birding experts, this new edition will stand at the top of the list of birding field guides for years to come.

Image Courtesy of National Geographic.