Shade Grown Coffee

Shade-grown Coffee is so important to protecting bird habitat worldwide.

Half of the people in the US have a cup of coffee every day but few understand the environmental impact of coffee.

Even fewer prioritize origin and know-how coffee farming affects people, farms, forests, and birds all over the world.

In 2009 we started a coffee business focused on bird decline and the vital importance of the Smithsonian Bird Friendly® certification. Our goal was to bring a natural balance to coffee rituals.

Today Birds & Beans is an established Bird Friendly Coffee destination. Our success has come from our loyal, conscientious customers and our dedicated partners.

At Birds & Beans Coffee we believe humanity will flourish if we are simply more friendly; to each other and the natural world around us. We strongly support our certifications and give back 5% from every bag of coffee sold to our conservation partners.

100% Organic.100% Fair Trade. 100% Bird Friendly.

Every bean. Every bag.

We are your Bird Friendly Coffee company!

Under Construction!

We have more birds and information coming soon! Thank you for your patience!