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So which birds prefers which seed? The list below is purely an overall preference of seeds. Black Oil Sunflower is easily the most widely accepted seed. If you only want to feed one seed, this is your choice. The only drawback to this seed is the abundance of hulls that will accumulate under your feeders. Choice Birds Attracted: Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches, Finches Striped Sunflower is less used because of its size and cost but it is a favorite of some of the larger seed eaters. Cardinals, Grosbeaks Sunflower Hearts are the parts of sunflower that the birds are after. This is a great choice...

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Are your birds safe in your yard? By placing a feeder or bird bath in our yard, we take on a certain degree of responsibility to protect them as well. In other words, we don’t want our yard to be “death traps.” We can minimize the threats that bird face in our yards with just a small amount of effort.

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